Thank you for considering being a sponsor for the 2019 Scott Sipple Memorial Sporting Clay Shoot.

This year we have four different levels of sponsorship available:  Bird Dog Sponsor, Course Sponsor, 

K9 "Straub" Sponsor, Station Sponsor.  The deadline for buying a sponsorship is June 7th, 2019.

The pricing and benefits of each sponsor level is listed below.  Please read through them and choose the one you are comfortable with.  Once you decide on a sponsorship, click the drop down menu above the "Buy Now" button, and choose the sponsorship level, then click the "Buy Now" button to purchase your sponsorship.

Thank you again, your support is greatly appreciated!

To make a monetary donation to the Scott Sipple Foundation simply click on the "Donate" button below.  You will be taken to the PayPal website where you can enter your donation amount and process payment.

Thank you for your generous donation supporting the Scott Sipple Foundation!  

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There are only 4 team spots available.  If you want a Bird Dog sponsorship please contact us at to ensure availability before you purchase.

Non-Monetary Donations
If you have non-monetary, non-firearm donations you would like to offer for use in the auction or raffles, those items can be sent to:
Tyler Tice
149 East Chestnut Street
PO Box 527
Pine Grove Mills, PA 16868 

If you have a firearm or anything that requires transfer by an FFL, please send to:
Tom Grice 
Grice Gunshop
216 Reed Street
Clearfield, PA  16830 
Mark the packaging so Tom knows it is a donation to the Scott Sipple Foundation.

If you choose to, you can either make a simple donation in any dollar amount or sign up to be a shoot sponsor.  To make a monetary donation, please scroll down to the "Donations" section of this page.  Thank you!

Sponsorship Levels

Bird Dog Sponsor - $600.00

  • 5 Man Team for Sporting Clay Event including dinner
  • 5 Complimentary Dinner Passes
  • 5 Gun Bash raffle Tickets
  • ​Company/Sponsor Available to set-up their own display
  • ​Company/Sponsor Sign display at Auction/Dining Area
  • ​Major Recognition on Website with logo and website link
  • Major Recognition in Program with logo and website listed
  • Individual Station Sponsorship Sign
  • ​5 T-Shirts

Only 4 team spots still open

Call Us: (814) 360-0282


Scott Sipple Foundation


Station Sponsor - $75.00

  • Individual Station Sponsorship sign
  • ​1 Complimentary Dinner pass
  • ​Listed in Program
  • ​Listed on Website
  • ​1 T-Shirt

K9 "Straub" Sponsor - $150.00

  • ​2 Complimentary Dinner Passes
  • Company/Sponsor Available to set-up their own display
  • ​Recognition on Website
  • Recognition in Program 
  • ​ Individual Station Sponsorship Sign
  • ​2 T-Shirts

Course Sponsor - $300.00

  • 4 Complimentary Dinner Passes
  • 4 Gun Bash Raffle Tickets
  • Company/Sponsor Available to set-up their own display
  • Company/Sponsor Sign display at Auction/Dining Area
  • ​Recognition on Website
  • Recognition in Program 
  • ​ Individual Station Sponsorship Sign
  • 4 T-Shirts