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A Glimpse Into Scott Sipple:

 Scott touched many lives in his short time here on earth.  He was a rare person because of how many roles he filled in people’s lives. Not only was he an amazing son, but he was also a loyal friend, an excellent  godfather, an elected half-brother, an unofficial uncle and co-parent, the list goes on. He was caring, funny and extremely generous. But above all those things, Scott was selfless. He was one of the most selfless and giving people we will ever know.   Scott loved hunting and shooting; that was his passion, along with his dog "Straub", classic cars, and spending time with the people he considered friends.  There are many pictures of Scott wearing bright orange, holding a shotgun with his dog  Straub right beside him. He was the single most unique and versatile person we've ever known.

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About the Scott Sipple Foundation:

The Scott Sipple Foundation supports efforts to break through the negative stigma associated with mental health issues and further the conversation about mental health and suicide.  It also supports organizations working to prevent suicide, those who provide assistance to the families and friends of suicide victims, those who create awareness of the importance of mental health and those offering a safe environment where people can openly discuss mental health and suicide.  The Scott Sipple Foundation supports efforts to promote Scott's legacy of sportsmanship, his passion for time spent in field and forest and his commitment to firearm safety education.

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Mission Statement: 

To promote suicide prevention, mental health awareness and 
honor Scott's legacy as a hunter and sportsman.

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